Creative Writing group in Hove

Writing is a solitary activity, but you don’t have to go it alone.

We meet on (most) Mondays in the Speakeasy Bar at The Wick pub. We’re here for all writers whatever your genre or level of experience. We gather in a private room to mingle, share and write.

Each week, we have

  • a power hour with a workshop, author talk or Q&A
  • two dynamic hours of writing that no-one can take away from you:
  • either SHUT UP AND WRITE where you sit down, shut up, and write. No interruptions, no excuses, no escape (except to hydrate at the bar)
  • or STAND UP AND SHARE where you gather in a critique group and get constructive feedback on a work-in-progress
  • plus extra time and a beautiful space to socialise with fellow writers.

Our session runs from 7pm-10pm, but we can hang out until closing time.

Most weeks have a regular format:

7pm is our power hour: a workshop, an author talk, a Q&A on a writerly topic, a wellness session, a reading extravaganza, an inspiring guest.

8-10pm is your time to shine. Bring a laptop and settle down for two hours of uninterrupted writing time. Or join a small critique group to share your work and get feedback.

The bar and restaurant are available for sustenance or reward-based motivation.

In addition to the meetings, we have a private Facebook page, where members can mingle every day of the week.

Coming up: guest authors

Your host is Jo Furniss, a best-selling author of suspense novels and short stories. A former BBC journalist and writing tutor, she lives in Hove with her family, a poodle and a snake. When not writing, Jo can be found in the sea or on the prom.

The club costs £20 per month or £220 for the year, and you can attend as many Mondays as you wish (think of it like a gym membership). We also have a private Facebook page where you can hang out with the community, get support and share your news.