Join us

Come, write with us…

I’m Jo Furniss, your host at Hove Creative Writing Club.

I’m an author of suspense novels, and a writing tutor.

We meet on Monday evenings at The Wick on Palmeira Square.

Three reasons to join a writers group

A group dynamic is a great motivator to keep working, to set goals, and to hit targets. Plus, other writers will see strengths in your writing that you miss.


Whether you’re a new writer or a career author, it is easy to get isolated. A network of like-minded people who ‘get it’ is vital for your creativity and mental health. 


In a dynamic but playful environment, you can unblock fresh ideas, find your voice, and give yourself permission to take chances – and to dream!


Membership is £20 per month or £220 per year. Think of it like a gym membership – you can attend as many sessions as you wish. Come every Monday for a regular writing workout! Feel free to come to a session to check it out first, just drop me a line.

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